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Parking Lot Information

Sunset Hills Parking Lot Safety Rules

For the safety of each and every family and student 

-Please do not get out of your car to assist or escort your child if you are in the “quick drop off zone” along the sidewalk in front of the school.  If you need more time, move to the  “need a little more time zone” which is located past the white crosswalk.

For Arrival we cannot pass cars to exit while in the “quick drop off zone”. This is to keep everyone safe and avoid traffic accidents. There are a number of safety concerns present in the mornings.

For Dismissal you may carefully pass cars to exit.Arrival:-Please stay in your car and follow the signage to the designated unloading zone along the sidewalk. Please have your child/ren seated on the passenger seat as often as possible. Pull all the way forward until the traffic line is stopped. Do not pass cars to exit. The line will be dismissed as one set after students unload. Oftentimes, the traffic is stopped because of pedestrians in the crosswalks. So be patient and do not pass cars to exit.-Drop off time begins at 8:35 am.-There will be 1 lane used for arrival along the sidewalk.

*The zone along the sidewalk in front of the school building is the “Drop and Go” zone. Cars will be waiting to exit this zone, so you must be quick. If you need extra time or do not want to be rushed, please pull up around the curb to the area just in front of the crosswalk past the flagpole - the “More Time Please” zone. This method allows for full visibility of any pedestrians crossing in the crosswalk.


Dismissal: -Pick up is at 3:15. Please pick up your student on time. If you are going to be late please call the office to let us know.-There will be one lane used for pick up/dismissal.-Please stay in your car at all times. Follow all staff directions and pull all the way forward to the east crosswalk. Staff will radio for your child/ren. Staff will help students get into the car as needed.

-TK dismisses at 1:05 and will be picked up on the sidewalk in front of the school. 

-Kindergarten families will need to park on Oviedo Street or in the parking lot, use the crosswalks, and walk to the flagpole to meet your child with their teacher. If you have older children, you can then go to the grass area in front of the main office to pick up your older child. 

Additional Information: 

-NEVER leave your car unattended in the drop off/pickup lanes.

-Unless you have a designated handicapped placard/plate on your car, do not park or pull into a handicapped spot.-Please remember NO hand-held devices while driving in the parking lot.-If students are walking HOME, they may walk off campus via the sidewalk by the MPR or the bike cage.-Please practice courteous driving habits and behavior in our parking lot.

-ONLY use the pedestrian crosswalks to cross the parking lot. Do not dodge in and out of the traffic flow to get through the parking lot.